our ministers

Fola Adesakin

Pastor Morounfola Adesakin is currently the Pastor of Worship Tabernacle RCCG Hammersmith.

Fondly called ‘Pastor Fola’, he accepted the call of God to preach the gospel in 2014 when the mantle fell on him to go forth and start a new RCCG branch in the West London area. Prior to this he had been a Deacon and music leader for 8 years at Praise Tabernacle RCCG, Wembley, London.

Pastor Fola is blessed with a strong sense of simple and pure worship, his passion for music is inspired by God and he is highly skilled and versatile in playing different kinds of instruments, particularly the acoustic guitar and drums. At the Wednesday meetings, Pastor Fola leads a solo worship session with no other instrument but the acoustic guitar providing comfort and genuine inspiration by leading members of his congregation to worship God.

A Building Surveyor who has successfully practised and consulted for over a decade, he is also currently a Director of Ready Fleet International Limited with major focus in Project Financing, Project Management and farming.

He is married to Deaconess Bamidele Adesakin and blessed with Five wonderful daughters.

Deaconess Bamidele

Deaconess Bamidele Adesakin, fondly referred to as ‘Deaconess’, started her journey with the Lord from her childhood days back in her native country Nigeria. Her family were founding members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), and she has remained serving the Lord for over 40years in the ministry. Her heartbeats for charity, while she epitomises the proverbial ‘Philippians’ (Phil: 4:15-16) in the bible who gives and gives again.

A perfect Sunday for her is providing breakfast to the homeless at a shelter in the Hammersmith area before she proceeds with all other duties for that day. An exceptional Christmas day means the congregated homeless people are catered for and are provided with warm clothings for winter. All these feats are made possible by other strong dedicated members of the church that all together form the Church’s Hospitality Team.

She is a Social Worker by profession and often times her dedication, commitment and unrelenting support to her clients have seen them gaining access to the best service available in the local council.
A encourager by nature, loves the Lord and it’s her heart’s desire that all around and beyond her come to know the Lord.

She is married to Pastor Fola Adesakin and they have five beautiful daughters.

Moriyike Onipede

Mrs. Afolabi Moriyike Onipede fondly called ‘Sis Riki’ is the youth minister at Worship tabernacle. Her love for God and engaging ways endears her to the youth group where she is supporting young people from ages 16 to 24 years old.
She gave her life to Christ whilst in secondary school and rededicated her life when she became a young mother. In her own words “I gave my life to Christ during fellowship whilst I was in Secondary school. I later rededicated my life to Christ as a young mother. My relationship with Him became so real and deep. I strongly believe everybody has a lasting purpose that can only be fulfilled when we truly surrender to the Lord. Proverbs 20:5”.

She is passionate about empowering the youth in the access of a relationship with Christ and navigating the challenges of life with the tool of the knowledge of God.
A chartered accountant by profession, she uses her skills to serve the Lord by overseeing the church finance. She is part of the Ministerial team, where she lends her support in actively building the church.
A trained beauty consultant and public speaker she oversees the media team as well.

She is Married with 4 daughters.

Minister Eileen Onumonu

Minister Eileen is a minister at Worship Tabernacle Hammersmith. Her life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women to live up to their full potential in Christ.

Minister Eileen has more than 2 decades of teaching and counseling, which enable her to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency and strength. She is a wife, mother, conference speaker, role model and mentor.

Minister Eileen is happily married to Barrister Mani Onumonu, They are the proud parents of five children.